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My Role
The Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority needed to update their site’s design. I led the design and also front-end development.

The Challenge
The budget was a major concern to the client and didn’t have much room for flexibility. There were also multiple stakeholders that needed to involved in the process.

Our Approach
Because the budget was small compared to most other projects of similar size, we had to produce designs efficiently. The first step was to create a comprehensive architecture plan that would detail exactly how the site would be put together in Drupal. We then created lo-fi wireframes and presented them to the client. Because the wireframes and architecture plan were completed early in the process, it made the final design process quite smooth. We had a very good idea of how content would be organized on the page and what a typical user type would want to achieve.

Created at: Zivtech
Services: IA, Design, Drupal Development
Live site:  Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority

PRA design