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Probo site

My Role
Probo is a continuous integration tool used for database web applications. It was built by the Zivtech team. I was responsible for creating the brand’s identity, marketing website design, and the UI of the app itself. I also helped create a living style guide to help main consistency between the application.

The Challenge
The tool, Probo.CI, necessitated the need for a living style guide to maintain brand consistency between a number of applications. The style guide is available here. This project represents what I like doing best. Planning, executing, and documenting the design system are all part of the process that I led. The style guide applies to a multitude of platforms. It is both scalable and maintainable.

Our Approach
We built the style guide using KSS. This allowed us to quickly document styles as they were created in the CSS. The style guide was applied to a Drupal blog site, a marketing site created in Jekyll, and the app itself.

Created at: zivtech
Services: Art Direction, Front-end Development
Sire urlProbo.CI