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My Role
Zivtech is an open source web development company that specializes in Drupal development. I was responsible for redesigning the site in 2015. The redesign took nearly 6 months to complete and was built in Drupal 7. I led the design effort and front-end development.

Zivtech is a medium size company that offers many services. The services offered range from documentation, on-site training, and development. The goal was to create a site design that focused on the people that do the work while still conveying their high level of expertise.

Our Approach
We created a clean site design with large images of the team members working. We had a photo shoot at our Philadelphia office to capture the essence of what it was like to work with us. The site is mobile-first by design and we took great care to ensure its accessibility on all devices.

Site URL: zivtech
Services: Art Direction, Front-end development